WEST DEPTFORD, N.J. — Triangle Tube is proud to announce the newest member to the Triangle Tube family of products: The new and improved Smart 316. The new Smart 316 will supersede the existing line of Smart indirect water heaters and will be available in all current Smart model sizes being available ranging from 30-120 gallons.

Many product enhancements and improved manufacturing processes have been incorporated into this new line of high-performance of indirect water heaters, including the following:

•           316L Inner Tank – High-grade stainless steel for long service life;

•           Acid Pickling – Promotes superior corrosion resistance;

•           Improved Welding Process – State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques;

•           Watertight Top Cover – Improved shell prevents corrosion of the outer tank; and

•           Improved Dry Well Quality – All dry wells are subject to pressure testing prior to installation. For more information, visit www.triangletube.com.