BOSTON — Helping businesses reduce energy consumption is a key driver for Veolia North America, which is why the company, a sustainable energy, water, and waste solutions provider, was recently presented with a 2019 Sustainability, Environmental Achievement and Leadership (SEAL) Environmental Initiative Award for its Hubgrade smart monitoring system, which helps buildings better manage their energy use.

The SEAL Environmental Initiative Award is part of the annual SEAL Business Sustainability Awards recognizing firms throughout the U.S. for promoting a more environmentally sustainable business model.

Veolia North America is proud to be included among a list of impressive companies, including Adidas, Disneyland, and Coca-Cola, to be recognized with the Environmental Initiative Award for identifying and implementing specific programs designed to create a more sustainable business environment. An additional 50 companies received the SEAL Organizational Impact Award for overall sustainability performance in 2019.

“This award demonstrates why we are focusing our business growth on innovative energy solutions that increase energy service and facility O&M contracts,” said Jack Griffin, vice president and general manager-Boston for SourceOne, a Veolia subsidiary. “We are committed to driving significant energy efficiency savings for our customers.”

The Hubgrade smart monitoring centers were recognized for providing remote real-time insights into utility management systems. These insights, supported by dedicated analysts monitoring tens of thousands of connected devices, enable flexible solutions to serve the unique performance requirements of large buildings, industrial campuses, and other energy-conscious public and private entities nationwide.

By managing client site and facility data, Veolia’s analysts help improve performance and reduce environmental impact while providing a long-term vision for assets to increase value and avoid energy costs. Hubgrade offers performance data, reporting transparency, information sharing, and consumption data, all of which ultimately reduce customers’ operating costs and bills by optimizing and lowering consumption. Along with technologies such as fault detection and diagnosis, the program provides for a team of experts who provide customers with insight and expertise on optimizing energy usage.

For example, Hubgrade can monitor indoor air quality by analyzing occupancy sensors. These sensors monitor who walks in and out of a room or building and adjusts the air conditioning systems accordingly. This provides a healthier environment while keeping energy and water consumption to a minimum. Hubgrade can also identify wasted heat sources from within manufacturing production sectors. Once pinpointed, the team can suggest ways to recover excess energy, such as using it for reuse in hot water production, ultimately reducing the consumption of fossil fuels. For more information, visit