Often I like to use this space to highlight articles that will be soon appearing on our website or what I learned at a recent tradeshow. This week I have to do something different, though. You see last week I blogged about the content that will appear in our September/October issue, which mailed yesterday. And I’ll have nothing to report from travels until next week after I’ve attended the Datacenter Dynamics event and attended a Schneider Electric press briefing, both in Chicago.

Instead, I’m pleased to report that I’ve Cummins, HP, Emerson, CablExpress, 7x24Exchange, and others have helped me significantly extend the scope of our video library. These videos cover all sorts of topics ranging from data center strategy to business analytics to a talk about copper in layer one to building codes to transformers. The videos also range in length. I expect to add more based on my travels next week. 

Regular readers know that I want to make our video library as complete as possible, and I’d like to use this post to encourage readers and others to send new video directly to me at heslink@bnpmedia.com. I’d like to post as many as possible to our video library. We are making this effort to add to our video library as a way to improve the educational qualities of the site. Already there are quite a few videos available, but not enough. I’d like the area to cover more topics in more ways.

It is a staple of education that people have unique learning styles. Publishers traditionally have developed products, like magazines and newspapers that appeal to readers. Due to the limits of the print media, professionals who prefer difference forms of instruction have been underserved. The Internet has changed all that, and Mission Critical is making an effort to present information in new ways.  

Our webinar series has been a success, and I believe video will be just as popular for a professional audience. Plus, the advance of electronics also means that anyone can be an instructor. I’m committed to accepting a wide variety of videos and making them available to our audience.

So please feel free to visit our every-growing video library and look for new additions. And by all means, contribute to the library too. I’d like to help get some new ideas out there.