Friedrich Air Conditioning Co. will be the official corporate sponsor of the Long Island Youth Wellness Summit to help prevent teen suicide in Nassau County, New York.

The summit, held March 19, is designed to provide sophomore and junior-level students, staff, and administrators of Nassau County public and private high schools with the necessary resources to promote overall wellness and mental health. The daylong event is led by The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide (SPTS), and will include suicide awareness and prevention practices, such as helping students learn coping skills, self-care, and how to increase self-confidence. Workshops also will teach staff the role of “Trusted Adults” and help support suicide prevention and self-care among their students.

While SPTS Youth Wellness Summits have been held in several New Jersey counties for the past five years, this is the first time it is being brought to Long Island, led by the efforts of Stacy Brief, a junior majoring in social work at Adelphi University. According to organizers, support from businesses and community partners is essential for helping reach a greater number of schools and students.

“SPTS has been successfully producing Youth Wellness Summits in New Jersey counties for the past five years, and we’re grateful for this opportunity to expand our presence,” said Dawn Doherty, SPTS executive director. “We simply couldn’t bring these resources and much-needed support to Long Island students without community partners like Friedrich.”

For nearly 70 years, the Friedrich brand has been part of the New York and New Jersey area, providing room air conditioning solutions for millions of residents. According to Friedrich CEO Chuck Campbell, being involved in important causes that affect local communities where the company does business is a strong fit with its values.

“Friedrich is committed to communities where we operate,” said Campbell. “We are honored to help support this vital cause that is working to make a truly profound and important difference for young people and families.”