Airgas Refrigerants Inc. has changed its name to ASPEN Refrigerants Inc. (ARI). ARI was recently acquired by Hudson Technologies, and will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary. ARI is a refrigerant distributor and EPA-certified reclaimer. The company distributes, reclaims, and packages refrigerant gases for a variety of end uses.

“ASPEN Refrigerants is a strong, well-known product brand of refrigerant gases,” said Jay Kestenbaum, senior vice president of sales and purchasing for ARI. “The ASPEN name will make it easy for customers who are already familiar with the ASPEN Refrigerants packaged gas to transition to this reliable and trusted refrigerant brand name as a company name. Customers can expect us to continue providing the same great products and services we have been delivering for years.”

ARI will continue to operate from its major facilities in Atlanta and Long Island City, NY and through over 40 stocking locations throughout the U.S. The company retains its personnel and leadership staff.