Mulcahy Co. has acquired Blesi-Evans, moving the company into steam boiler sales. Founded in 1929, Mulcahey is a manufacturer’s representative providing hydronic solutions to the heating, cooling, and plumbing industries.

“We’ve expanded pretty mightily into the boiler market and industrial space,” said Jim Burns, principal owner of Mulcahy. “This market dovetails nicely with our other products and offers an opportunity to fill a market need that we know is there.”

With added expertise in steam, Mulcahy will provide industry knowledge to existing customers by packaging components together. This addition allows the company to provide a wider array of heating solutions to an expanded customer base. For over 60 years, Blesi-Evans, a company of mechanical engineers acting as manufacturer’s agents in the generation, control, and utilization of steam, hot, and domestic water, served industrial and manufacturing plants large and small. 

“Blesi-Evans was always known to be slightly ahead with new technologies and often first in the country to introduce new systems and solutions,” said Betsy Evans Torvick, mechanical engineer for Mulcahy and formerly with Blesi-Evans. “This fits in really well with Mulcahy. Both companies have been very similar in this regard.”

A number of steam component manufacturers previously represented by Blesi-Evans have also formed partnerships with Mulcahy. These include Superior Boiler Works, Boilerroom Equipment, Weishaupt - Weishaupt Burner, and Lattner Boiler Manufacturing.