According to Det-Tronics, its SmokeWatch™ U5015 uses advanced photoelectric smoke detection technology not generally available in an explosion-proof housing. The detector is rated for Class 1 Division 1, 2, and Zone 1 environments found in industrial applications. Used with the Q5016 Duct Mount Accessory, the detector can be installed on ductwork to meet NFPA 90A requirements for AHUs of more than 2,000 cfm.

The unit’s photoelectric sensor helps to ensure accurate smoke detection with less potential for false alarms. The detector’s design operates in both smoldering and rapidly growing fires.

Approved for both HVAC ductwork and area installation, the SmokeWatch U5015 unit integrates with fire alarm systems for evacuation alerts. When connected to process controls, the SmokeWatch U5015 can be used to initiate smoke-control procedures such as fan shutdown and fire damper operation. The detector carries FM 3230 approval for detection performance and meets NFPA 72 and 92 equipment requirements.