SPX Cooling Technologies launched the new Marley NC Everest Cooling Tower, a pre-assembled, crossflow evaporative cooling system that offers a viable alternative to field-erected towers. The company claims the design and field assembly process for the cooling tower reduces on-site labor and work duration for a safer work environment. NC Everest provides more site placement options and typically uses up to 10% less plan area than field-erected towers.

Built with industrial-strength materials and engineered to withstand the rigors of power and heavy industrial applications, the NC Everest features a heavy gauge steel structure and Marley Geareducer®. The integral cold water basins eliminate concrete basin construction. Seven-foot doors provide access to the tower’s interior service decks and mechanical components.

The tower also features the new, patent-pending MarKey™ Drift Eliminator, which achieves a measureable drift down to 0.0005% of circulating water flow. The NC Everest is Factory Mutual approved for use without a fire protection system to allow more affordable operation insurance.