RectorSeal® Corp. has introduced the Aspen® Xtra installation accessories designed for all brands of ductless minisplit system (DMSS) and VRF/VRV equipment. This new product line designed by Aspen® Pumps offers all the necessary connectors, adaptors, brackets, and supports needed to properly mount, connect, and run condensate hoses, line sets, and communication/power cabling for ductless air conditioning applications.

The company claims its Aspen Xtra's multiple selections of tee, straight, and elbow condensate connectors have every imaginable .25-in (6-mm), 3/8-in (10-mm), 5/8-in (16mm) or .75-in (20mm) reducer and adaptor combination needed to accommodate any installation's condensate pump, hose, or drain pan size and configuration. The product line also offers a variety of zinc-coated, corrosion-resistant hanger/brackets and clips that fit up to four sets of insulated line set pairs.