Dewberry is being honored for its work on the Carmine Carro Community Center located in Marine Park in Brooklyn, NY. The firm was awarded a National Recognition Award in the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) 2016 Engineering Excellence Awards. It also received the Diamond Award in Building/Technology Systems in the ACEC of New York 2016 Engineering Excellence Awards program.

The firm provided engineering services for the 8,000-sq-ft, LEED® Gold community center, including overall project management; design of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection units; structural and civil engineering; obtaining LEED® Gold certification; permits and approvals for the demolition of the existing recreation center; and construction of the new community center.

The center has a vegetative roof for heat island reduction, roof photovoltaics for renewable energy, stormwater reuse for irrigation, geothermal heating and cooling, an underfloor air and heat distribution system, and displacement ventilation for optimal energy efficiency. It also includes a high-efficiency lighting system with nine kilowatts of solar photovoltaic cells on the roof.

Named after Carmine Carro, who was dedicated to the interests of the Marine Park community, the center serves more than 85,000 residents in the area and offers fitness, nutrition, and technology classes as well as cultural activities.