Tyco Fire Protection Products introduced the BFV-300 Butterfly Valve. The company says the BFV-300 is now a lighter, more compact design that allows for more efficient installation, easier operation, and long-term performance. New features of the valve make it smaller and lighter. Tapping boss locations saves time by allowing for quick upstream direct connection to a deluge valve and downstream connection of additional components, or drainage for dry maintenance, The traveling nut gearbox features a single moving part, allowing for a smaller, more compact design. On average, the gearbox is 50% smaller than conventional gearboxes and contributes to the creation of up to 40% lightweight than traditional butterfly valves on the market, according to the company. The BFV-300 also features a QR code printed on the gearbox cover for instant on-site access to digital on-line product information by scanning the code with a smart device.