Carel introduced two new models of its humiSonic Humidifiers family. Featuring 10% energy consumption, 10,000 hours of operation, and 1 ų water droplet size, the company says its new humiSonic direct was designed to provide energy-savings solutions for direct room humidification, while the humiSonic ventilation is ideal for duct installation. The compact plug-and-play products join the company’s humiSonic compact, which is installed in fan coils.
Carel officials claim the product has very low energy consumption (less than 80 W per liter of atomized water). Also, the components in contact with the demineralized water are made from stainless steel, and the main body is designed to prevent stagnation of water at the end of the humidification cycle, which makes the humiSonic ideal for clean room applications. The new humiSonic direct is also suitable for a variety of applications including data centers, museums, offices, printing facilities, and cold storage.