DriSteem has introduced its new Low-maintenance Humidification System. This all-in-one, near-zero maintenance steam humidification system integrates two DriSteem products — the Vapormist® electric humidifier and the 200 Series reverse-osmosis system  — on a single skid mount with a single power supply and user interface controller.

The reverse-osmosis system component of the Low-maintenance Humidification System removes over 98% of dissolved solids from supply water, providing high-purity water to the humidifier. This prevents chalky scale buildup from overtaking the humidifier’s water tank. By eliminating this buildup, the company says the system ensures high humidifier performance and efficiency.

DriSteem’s Low-maintenance Humidification System is controlled by a single user interface. Set up, view, and adjust, or monitor humidification and water treatment functions at the unit or through BAS using a single Vapor-logic® controller.