RectorSeal® Corp. introduced SureSeal® Vent-Guard, a vent stack device for eliminating toxic sewer gas and odor egress and migration to nearby rooftop HVAC system outdoor air intakes. The patent-pending Vent-Guard is available in three sizes designed to fit 2-, 3-, and 4-in-diameter commercial building plumbing vent stacks and restaurant grease interceptor vents.

The Vent-Guard introduces outdoor air via its non-mechanical hinged flapper that automatically opens during vacuum occurrences caused by vent stack pressure imbalance events, such as toilet flushes. Otherwise, the flapper remains tightly sealed during a vent stack's routine state of neutral pressure. The closed flapper eliminates heavier-than-air gas and odors from escaping the vent stack and traversing the roof where they can infiltrate nearby HVAC system outdoor air intakes and potentially contaminate the building's IAQ efforts.

The maintenance-free SureSeal Vent-Guard is constructed of EPDM rubber. The Vent-Guard top is infused with carbon black that is resistant to UV light. Vent-Guard's design allows airflow in and eliminates insect, animal, inclement weather, and bird nesting infiltration.