Greenheck-061515-body.jpgGreenheck has expanded its Air Measuring Damper (AMD) line with the addition of the AMD-TD series of thermal dispersion-based airflow measuring dampers. The AMD-TD series combines the functionality of a highly-accurate thermal dispersion airflow station and a low-leakage control damper to control airflow volumes to a target set point. Featuring Vari-Green® airflow measurement probes and transmitters, the AMD-TD series of dampers accurately measures airflow down to 100 fpm. The optional factory supplied controller makes the AMD-TD series a turn-key solution for the measurement and control of airflow. Factory supplied controllers are available with analog or BACnet MS/TP operation. Four models are available: AMD-23-TD with 3V style blades, AMD-33-TD with fabricated airfoil blades, AMD-42-TD with extruded aluminum blades, and AMD-42V-TD with vertically-oriented extruded aluminum blades.