In an effort to help businesses increase efficiency and lower costs, Airxchange says it is making the SyMAX Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) Motor available on most of its existing energy recovery wheels and all models in the new Expanded Capacity line (15,000 thru 60,000 cfm).

According to the company, the SyMAX PMAC Motors deliver significant energy savings and improved HVAC efficiency over traditional AC induction motors. In addition, the construction and advanced controls of the SyMAX PMAC Motors were designed to easily integrate with BAS. These motors have an integrated power supply. They can operate on a low-voltage signal without requiring an external variable speed drive. 

Features and benefits of the SyMAX PMAC Motors include the following.

• Built-in AC Power Supply and integrated variable speed controls reduce need for extra hardware and cabling

• Increased torque per unit of current that results in lower operating temperature

• Low-voltage speed control

• Low-cogging torque and reduced vibrations that deliver quiet and smooth operation

• Improved reliability, with fewer parts, for longer service life and reduced maintenance

• Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHs) compliant

“The industry is constantly evolving and setting greater regulatory standards for energy efficiency,” says Randall Steele, vice president and general manager at Airxchange, Inc. “The new SyMAX PMAC Motor will help our customers not only meet, but exceed those regulations. With fewer parts, increased power, advanced control capabilities, and the longest warranty for any PMAC motor available, Airxchange customers are sure to improve their HVAC operating efficiency.”

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