York-041515-body.jpgAccording to Johnson Controls, its York LX Series packaged units set a higher standard to heat and cool residential and light commercial buildings, featuring a contractor-friendly design, reliable technology, and an advanced manufacturing process. The units are 29% more efficient, earning a 14 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating and exceeding U.S. Department of Energy efficiency standards.

The York LX Series packaged units feature a single-cabinet design versus previous three-cabinet models, and exact-fit gas/electric hookups and a compact cabinet to fit most roof frames or slabs
The series also features tested copper tube/aluminum fin condenser coils, as well as front and top access to the compressor, refrigeration controls, and blower to enhance serviceability, as well as top access to the condenser fan and motor and side access to the compressor, coil, heat exchanger and filters.

The 2- to 5-ton capacity units are currently available in cooling with gas heat configuration. Additional configurations, including cooling with electric heat, heat pumps with electric heat, and heat pumps with gas heat, will be phased in over 2015.