This year marks Contemporary Controls’ 40th year of designing and manufacturing network automation products. Contemporary Controls, a global company, began in the basement of the founder and president of the company, George Thomas. 

To help celebrate the 40th anniversary, Contemporary Controls has published Network Communications for Buildings from a collection of articles from their Extension and Essentials technical newsletters. All articles are updated and relevant with the latest information on network technology, applications, and theory of network communications. Visit to download a free copy.

“I have always had a strong interest to help educate the industry. As we reflect on 40 years, we cannot help but admire the technological changes that have affected both the automation systems we produce as well as how companies are now doing business,” said Thomas. “We have witnessed the migration from standalone controllers to fieldbus-networked controllers to IP-based network controllers. The open-systems movement has helped companies participate in markets once dominated by larger companies with their proprietary systems. The building automation market is a great example with technologies such as BACnet, Modbus, and Ethernet for all to use.”  

For network automation products, Contemporary Controls received “Product of the Year” at the recent CTA awards ceremony (peripheral category), which includes products from their BASautomation portfolio of automation devices including BACnet/IP Sedona Controllers, BACnet routers and gateways, and web-based graphical head-ends. Their CTRLink product line includes unmanaged, managed and PoE switches, wired and wireless routers, splitters, media converters, and more.