viconics-071514-body.jpgViconics has released the latest addition of its VT8000 Series Room Controllers: The VT8300 Low Voltage Fan Coil and Zone Controller. The company says the VT8300 provides increased energy savings and comfort at a lower price point compared to a full building automation system.

A fully user customizable digital multi-language touch screen display provides flexibility to suit current or future requirements. Customers have the option to match the customizable screen color schemes to a room décor or display a personalized on-screen message in the language of their choice. Personalized onscreen logo, status messages, or even servicing contact information can also be configured.

New features of the VT8300 Low Voltage Fan Coil and Zone Controller include humidity sensor with on-board dehumidification strategy, BACnet® MS/TP ZigBee Pro® wireless mesh network, optional occupancy sensor, and advanced occupancy functions for commercial and lodging applications

Wireless door and window switches (with optional ZigBee Pro® card) are available for wireless communicating models.