enterra-063014-body1.jpgPara Systems, Inc. has unveiled the latest addition to its line of power protection products with the all-new EnTerra Series of 3-phase UPSs. Designed to protect equipment in the IT/networking, industrial, medical, and enterprise security sectors from all types of power problems, the EnTerra series is available for 50 or 60Hz applications ranging from 10kVA to 40kVA. Parallel options up to 160kVA are also available. The line provides a host of standard features including on-site startup, SNMP communications card, and a full two-year warranty, along with up to 94% system efficiency and simplified sales and ordering processes.

The Minuteman EnTerra series 3-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) utilizes double conversion technology and adaptive feed cancellation (AFC) to protect large electrical loads. According to the company, the combination of centralized backup, high input, and output power factors (0.99 and 0.9 respectively), and up to 94% system efficiency ratings mean EnTerra offers a substantial reduction in operating costs versus multiple single phase UPSs. Users can also reduce electrical consumption and operating costs when upgrading from older, less efficient three-phase systems.