Certainteed-111813-body.jpgThese wall panels from CertainTeed Ceiling can be added to building projects for sound absorption and to aid with indoor air quality. The Ecophon® Solo-on-the-Wall panels are available in colors and shapes that can easily blend with any interior design. The fiberglass panels provide a solution for fine tuning acoustics in areas where traditional wall-to-wall suspended ceilings aren’t possible or do not align with the desired aesthetic. Comprised of high-density fiberglass with 7% recyclable content, Ecophon Solo-on-the-Wall can help elevate indoor comfort and contribute to sustainability goals. The panels' Akutex™ FT surface finish provides 85% light reflectivity and 99% light diffusion, which helps maximize natural and conventional lighting for energy-efficient interiors. Certified for low-VOC emissions, Ecophon Solo-on-the-Wall also helps maintain high indoor air quality required for hospital and school settings.