Were you ever a little slow putting two and two together? Or maybe chocolate and peanut butter is a better comparison. Peanut butter? Good. Chocolate? Good. But one was for sandwiches, one was on a different shelf and for dessert, you get the idea. This sort of challenge still remains in 2013 when it comes to making it as simple and helpful for readers to move from the print issue to the website, delivering the full ES flavor through a new combination of means.

Take a look at our Building Automation, Commissioning, or Tomorrow’s Environment columns this month, and you’ll see we’ve made a small, easy-to-remember step in that direction. We’ve created custom URLs so anytime the mood strikes you, you can go to www.esmagazine.com/ehrlich, for instance, and go straight to a page listing all of Paul’s contributions to the magazine over the years. Quite a nice BAS-related body of work.

I’m hoping this will streamline the process if you like a column and realize it’d be helpful to see what else he’s written on that particular subject, or just to browse. This might be especially helpful when it comes to Rebecca Ellis’ commissioning column, since she has often addressed a single focus across a series of consecutive columns. So if you don’t necessarily read every single issue (what?!) or maybe can’t always read them in order, now you can just enter www.esmagazine.com/ellis and bam, you can get the big picture and fill in the blanks.

And not to leave out Howie, of course — the other benefit of this URL is that it also catches any feature articles that our columnists have contributed over the years, which is especially relevant for Howard McKew (you guessed it, www.esmagazine.com/mckew).

These folks each represent years of engineering experience and have spent quite a few of those building a library of their insights that we are proud to host. These respective archives are now easier to dial up than ever (“dial up” … so 20th-century of me). Put them to use!


It was October before I noticed that the 2014 AHR Expo coming soon to New York runs Tuesday to Thursday this time around. That’s a first, at least for this century. But it’s good to not overrun the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday on Monday, and for some people, it may mean getting a little more of your weekend back, too.

So if you’re getting ready to book those flights (or maybe if you already did, assuming the usual Mon-Wed schedule), be warned. Pretty sure I took the train the last time the show was in New York; that was another pleasant change of pace.


Speaking of trains and changes of pace (this was a convenient but unplanned segue, honest) thanks to the ABMA again for working with us on another edition of Today’s Boiler. The fall installment shipped this month as well, and we’ve got an interesting cover story about boiler technology on the railways this issue. Torrefied biomass and an old test steam locomotive that is learning new tricks are just the tip of the iceberg for that nice stack of boiler content, so peruse the pages or visit www.esmagazine.com/boiler around mid-November to read the handy digital issue.

 Finally, ever feel the urge to share a story or some tips with our readers yourself? Easier to find than ever, our 2014 editorial calendar is now up at www.esmagazine.com/editorial. Find a slot that speaks to you and shoot me an email with your idea. It’s that simple. Plan something new for you and your career in the new year.