The World Energy Engineering Congress will aim to find answers on how to successfully combine efficiency, IAQ, and renewable energy in HVAC design. Airxchange will provide its solution at the Sept. 25-27 event in Washington, D.C.

Airxchange Vice President Jim Connell will discuss how to use energy recovery ventilation technology and its benefits for indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and natural gas savings. Airxchange officials said its ERV technology presentation at WEEC is part of a comprehensive, multi-track conference agenda focused on climate change, energy policy, high-performance and green buildings, technology and innovation, industrial energy management, and distributed generation and alternative energy.

“With an international push toward energy efficiency and President Obama’s recent Climate Action Plan, this is an opportunity to demonstrate how air-to-air energy recovery technology can save natural gas and produce clean energy,” said Airxchange Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Dave Kirk. “We are excited to take the ERV message to such an esteemed group of industry influencers gathering in our nation’s capital. We believe the time is now to look at buildings as the next reliable, clean energy source.”