The Buildings under Control Symposium will bring together a panel of BAS experts, Oct. 15-16 in Vienna, Austria. For the fourth time, host LOYTEC electronics is inviting automation specialists, business partners, and customers to join this international convention, which has become a platform for exchanging ideas, technical discussions, and networking in the industry.

“We are looking forward to an interesting convention with experts from all around the world,” said Hans-Joerg Schweinzer, LOYTEC CEO. “The top-management of our development and marketing staff are at the disposal of our guests two days long to answer all questions and concerns. We will also allow a look behind the scenes of LOYTEC’s product development – and into the future of building automation, the way we see it.”

Several important issues are on the agenda for the symposium, including network security in building networks. LOYTEC officials will aim to show exactly where risks for the building network’s security are residing and which methods LOYTEC can provide at device level to ensure network security.

Another focus will be on the presentation of the new building management system LWEB-900. According to LOYTEC, dynamic and comprehensive building management systems are becoming mandatory. This means constant collection, evaluation, and visualization of information and data in the building are required. By doing so, the building operator can continuously monitor and optimize the performance of the building.

LOYTEC’s room automation system L-ROC will be discussed in detail. This system allows for flexibility towards the changing requirements of building tenants and users during the life cycle of a building. Adaptations of floor plans or room layouts to changed needs of the users and the resulting adjustments of the room automation system can be accomplished with L-ROC.

Detailed information can be found at the LOYTEC website at Online-registration is already open.