United-CoolAir-042913-body.jpgThe company is targeting the HVAC retrofit market.

 United CoolAir Corporation is repositioning itself to take better advantage of the high-growth retrofit air conditioning marketplace. The new tagline “All-Indoor Solutions” is designed to call specific attention to the fact that all United CoolAir equipment mounts entirely indoors, requiring no roof or pad space, and the company manufactures a wide range of equipment styles for practically any retrofit application. 

With the aging of many buildings, especially in urban areas, older systems need replacement by more capable units that meet the new efficiency standards. Many of these old units were installed at the time of the building’s construction, making them difficult to replace.

“A high proportion of the multi-story buildings in cities like New York City, Boston and Chicago have floor-by-floor air conditioning systems that are difficult to access,” says Neil Tucker, president of United CoolAir. “The problem is not getting the old system out but rather getting the new system in at a reasonable cost. And in most metropolitan buildings there is no available space for exterior condenser or rooftop unit mounting.”

Tucker remarked that often owners, contractors, and even some consulting engineers tend to focus on equipment cost rather than the Total Installed Cost. When you include the additional charges for special permits, crane rental, rigging, building modifications, equipment modifications and the labor to make these changes, the new HVAC equipment cost can be a small fraction of the entire project.

Most traditional HVAC equipment is designed to install on a roof or pad where there is easy access to an inside mechanical room. United CoolAir equipment is designed to quickly adapt to even the most difficult installations, and at the lowest installed cost,

United CoolAir’s All-Indoor Solutions include unique characteristics separating it from other suppliers of retrofit cooling equipment, including ductless systems. First, United CoolAir offers a variety of equipment styles and sizes that are tailored to fit practically any building requirement. Configurations include horizontal, vertical, spot, VAV, and even dedicated outside air systems.

Second, United CoolAir air conditioners mount entirely indoors requiring no rooftop space, slab or special exterior condenser mounting. Units are available in air cooled, water cooled, chilled water, and heat pump configurations.

United CoolAir equipment is modularly designed, allowing it to be quickly disassembled for transportation. All sections fit easily through standard doorways and elevators, eliminating the need for expensive building modifications, rigging or crane rental.

Tucker further commented, “All of our equipment is charged and functionally tested at the factory, ensuring immediate performance when commissioned at the job site. The use of quick-connect refrigerant fittings eliminates the need for labor-intensive brazing, evacuating and charging at the job site.”

”Our systems are made to order allowing us to place air paths, electrical connections and refrigerant lines that match up with the existing hookups,” said Tucker. “Contractors can completely install a number of our systems in as little as a weekend, minimizing workplace disruption.”

Tucker said there are other benefits to United CoolAir systems that are not obvious or immediately recognized.

 “Our All-Indoor systems retain the exterior architectural appearance of the building, especially with historical structures. Theft and vandalism is practically eliminated without the need for special security systems.”

United CoolAir equipment maximizes indoor space by taking advantage of closets, small rooms and ceiling spaces. The equipment is protected from harsh outdoor weather extending its operating life, and high maintenance fees are eliminated for outdoor servicing. United CoolAir also uses standardized parts and components allowing routine maintenance to be completed very cost effectively.