Standex-Meder-071813-body1.jpgThe company’s new line of  food prevention switches ideal for commercial HVAC applications.

Standex-Meder Electronics’ new line of low voltage flood prevention switches (FPS) safeguard HVAC environments from condensate overflow buildup, and are suitable for commercial HVAC applications. With tee, elbow, and bracket models available to accommodate any application, each FPS model is easy to install on either primary or auxiliary drain plugs and easily accessible for service. Compliant with UL508 and applicable NEC codes, and manufactured of materials that will not rust or stick, the FPS operates smoothly and reliably every time..

Floats are coupled with precise magnetic reed switches that actuate precisely at specific flow levels. Standex-Meder reed sensors help solve condensation overflow problems and feature reliable operation over a wide temperature range. Proximity and position sensors include door-ajar safety switches and other features. The Standex-Meder’s sensors are packaged for surface mounting as well as through-hole mounting. Cylinder and screw fastening packages with lead wires are ideal for remote attachment to electronics.