Lynxspring-101412-body.jpgJENEsys® Harmony is a service used in Tridium’s revolutionary NiagaraAX Framework®.

Lynxspring’s patent-pending JENEsys® Harmony is designed to revolutionize the design and setup of multi-vendor devices in a Building Automation Enterprise System (BAES).

“We are constantly developing new tools that help our Business Partners be more competitive in their jobs. One of the greatest challenges our Lynxspring Business Partners face is lowering installation and commissioning costs while maintaining consistency in engineering practices. We developed the JENEsys® Harmony Service to address these challenges and improve our Partners’ bottom lines,” said Bob Mealey, CBDO at Lynxspring, Inc.

“JENEsys® Harmony is a service residing within Tridium’s NiagaraAX Framework® giving NiagaraAX users the ability to create consistent and repeatable device templates that automate the discovery and commissioning of BACnet and LonWorks communicating devices regardless of the manufacturer,” said Robert Hirsch, COO at Lynxspring, Inc. “Harmony automates the automation process.”

JENEsys® Harmony is Lynxspring’s latest introduction of NiagaraAX services intended to reduce NiagaraAX user’s commissioning and engineering costs by getting them off the job quickly and profitably. As a building owner, JENEsys® Harmony provides you the assurance that the installed field devices will always have the same look and feel, no matter who installs or maintains your building automation system.