Parker-03-05-12-body.jpgThe PSK line of plug-in refrigeration controllers debuted at the 2012 AHR Expo.

Parker Hannifin Corporation has released a new line of plug-in refrigeration controllers — the Sporlan PSK Line.

The PSK line is a broad family of controllers intended to provide simple and reliable control to a wide variety of low temperature (< 35°F) and medium temperature (35° to 45°) applications.

PSK201, PSK203, and PSK204 are ideal for applications with one or two temperature sensor inputs such as a medium temperature stand-alone dairy/beverage cooler. These are one, three, and four relay (respectively) controllers. PSK203 and PSK204 have additional relays to control active defrost (either electric or hot gas bypass) and fans in low temperature applications.

Other models in the line (PSK221, PSK231, PSK233, and PSK214) serve more complex applications, like a reach-in freezer with electric defrost, door switches and network communication to a central control/monitoring system. These are also one, three, and four relay (respectively) controllers with two or three temperature sensor inputs, but they also include a variety of other enhanced features such as multipurpose inputs that can be user-configured (for door switches, extra temperature sensors etc.), RS485 Modbus communication, programming key support, HACCP datalogging, and alarms. Also, the multiple relay versions are intended for low-temperature applications and can control active defrost and fans.

All of the products in the PSK line have IP65 protected front bezels, 3-½ digit displays that allow + and – temperatures to be displayed with at least two digits, colored icons that are easy to understand, advanced compressor control to eliminate short cycling and are available in both 120VAC or 230VAC versions.