GeistGeist I.F. has released a double software upgrade for both Environet and Racknet. Version 3.4 features a new streamlined alarm and history configuration Environet. Racknet now includes the ability to export and import device templates and export values via SNMP or BACnet.

The more efficient alarm and history configuration saves set up time and cost associated with the configuration. In addition, the new interface is even more user friendly with only two configuration tabs compared to the original six tabs.

The ability to import and export device templates into Racknet increases customization and makes device management more accurate than ever before. In addition, it gives users the flexibility to add and delete devices easily as the data center changes. Users also have the ability to define the values that are exported via SNMP or BACnet. This allows the data collected in Racknet to be fed outward to additional 3rd party systems via SNMP or BACnet and gives users 100% control over which values are exported.