TjernlundTjernlund Products, Inc., has a brochure available about its AireShareTMline of Room-to-Room and Level-to-Level ventilators designed that make too hot or cool rooms more comfortable.

The ventilators provide users with an unobtrusive, cost-effective way to circulate heated or cooled air from fireplaces, stoves, electric baseboards, split system “ductless” A/C and window A/C units to uncomfortable rooms. The net result is extended comfortable living space from existing heating or cooling equipment.

The brochure illustrates various ways the Room-to-Room fans can be installed to pull cool air from floor level or warm air from ceiling level and distribute it high or low into an adjoining room. It also shows how the Level-to-Level units can transfer air from a lower to upper floor and visa versa.

Also included in the AireShareTM brochure is the basic three-step installation procedure, model dimensions and a calculator to determine the number of minutes needed to bring an uncomfortable room to nearly the same temperature as the adjacent room.

 The AireShare TM brochure, plus purchasing information is available at or by calling 800-255-4208.