MHI’s HGA-S-CX1300 system is an innovative high temperature steam generation device that instantly produces high-quality superheated steam at 1 atm pressure, for safe and efficient operation.  Maximum steam temperatures in excess of 1,300°C are available.  The MHI BPAN-O-2010 programmable control panel offers programmability and accurate temperature control for your superheated steam output. The HGA-S-CX1300 utilizes MHI’s patented heating elements and refractories to bring unparalleled performance and control within a small footprint. The system is ideal for laboratory and R&D settings with steam flows less than 1 kg/hr. and greater than 10 kg/hr. available at one atmosphere pressure (no pressure vessels used in our BoilerFree™ Technology). For this and other innovative thermal solutions, visit