Honeywell introduces the Zelix™ Sylk®-Enabled actuator, a spring return low-torque direct-coupled actuator (DCA) direct-coupled actuator with a Sylk two-wire, polarity-insensitive communicating bus. It is the only communicating actuator to work with JADE™, an economizer that uses outdoor air to cool and ventilate an indoor space.

“The Zelix Sylk-Enabled Actuator is a great addition to our Zelix product family,” said Dave Molin, general manager, Honeywell Building Control Systems. “Its compact size, torque load and ability to work seamlessly with the JADE economizer helps customers save time and money.”

Additional features of the Zelix Sylk-Enabled Actuator include:

  • Polarity insensitive wiring reduces wiring complexity to keep installation simple and fast.
  • Operates in test mode to save time during setup and testing.
  • Status display provides real-time status information so you can monitor stalls, over/under voltage and more.
  • Wiring access cover, a Honeywell-unique feature, eliminates the need for a conduit wiring junction box, reduces installation time and material and provides conduit connection on all models.
  • Self-centering shaft adaptor grabs the shaft with single screw turn instead of requiring the use of a difficult U-bolt.
For more information on Zelix Sylk-Enabled, visit or call 1-800-466-3993.