Siemens Industry, Inc. introduces its new 599 Series two-way ball valves featuring a wide 0.4 to 160 Cv flow capacity range. Available with chrome or stainless steel trim, 599 Series two-way valves couple with OpenAir™ spring return and non-spring return actuators offering two-position, floating and proportional control options.

Ideal for a wide range of control applications, the 599 Series ball valves are designed for precise HVAC performance in all types of facilities including schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings.

Two hundred psi close-off for ½- to 2-in. sized valves ensures reliable close-off against very high differential pressures. Additionally, facility energy consumption is reduced with a low ANSI Class IV (0.01% of Cv) leakage.

The valves are available in chrome-plated brass ball and brass stem or stainless steel ball and models to withstand harsh operating conditions.

Other features boosting the reliability of the 599 Series ball valves include a 600 WOG/ANSI 250 pressure rating, a blow-out proof stem, double o-ring stem packing, and a universal actuator mounting bracket with standoffs providing a thermal barrier between the actuator and the mounting plate.

-- Siemens