Sensirion has launched new versions of its acclaimed SDP600 series, which allow verification of the measured values in order to perform certified failsafe measurements.

Thanks to their pre-certification, the differential pressure sensors SDP620,SDP621, SDP630 and SDP631 can be easily integrated into failsafe control systems.The new types of sensors can be configured to provide special test patterns forerror checking by an external microprocessor. This makes it possible to achievemeasurement of differential pressure and mass flow values to Class C safety level, provided that the test patterns are executed properly.

The new models are tailored to different hardware designs and measurement applications to allow customers a high level of flexibility when integrating. While the mass flow temperature compensated SDP621 and SDP631 are optimally suited for measuring mass flow, the SDP620 and SDP630 sensors output the true differential pressure value.

Furthermore, the SDP620 and SDP621 sensors are intended for a direct threaded connection to a pressure manifold with O-ring sealing, while the SDP63x models are equipped with standard hose connectors.