Honeywell announced that its new WEB-700 controller supports multiple applications, including building automation and energy management, on the same platform. The controller, which is built on the NiagaraAX Framework®, provides complete, reliable building automation control with fewer components when compared to bulkier, more complex controllers.

“No longer do facilities need a standalone workstation for large-scale facility control,” said Dave Molin, general manager, Honeywell Building Control Systems. “The WEB-700 delivers control information right to a Web browser, so operators can manage a facility more efficiently, conveniently and cost-effectively than before.”

The WEB-700 controller integrates easily into an existing building management system, serving data and graphical information to a Web browser through Ethernet LAN remotely over the Internet or using a dial-up modem. Real-time data, alarms and other control information are integrated through these powerful controllers.

The WEB-700 controller provides several key features including:

•    667 MHz 440Epx Power PC processor
•    512 MB DDR-2 333 MHz RAM, field-upgradable to 1GB
•    One GB NAND flash memory stores database, trends and system software
•    Backup battery for controller database
•    Gigabit Ethernet & USB ports

The WEB-700 controller is designed for use in large facilities, multi-building facilities and large-scale control system integrations. For more information, call 1-800-466-3993 or visit