BAS Services & Graphicshas developed products that will significantly reduce the amount of time that companies spend on Tridium projects. BAS Services & Graphics offers professional and consistent graphics on every project, 3D graphical Web pages developed in minutes and attractive pricing to help its clients deliver superior products and save money.

Customers can utilize basAhuMaker to create professional graphics and animation. The library includes various duct shapes, fans, dampers, temperature and pressure sensors, and valves. BAS Graphics will develop any new symbols/images that users may need and add them to the library free of charge.

For those customers in need of plant design, basPlantMaker consists of primary plant components. The library includes various chillers, boilers, pumps, cooling towers, pipework, sensors, and valves.

Ideal for users creating roof units, the basRtuMaker module consists of two typical roof top units. In addition to basRtuMaker, customers can select basAronMaker to build sophisticated roof top units. The basAronMaker library includes various styles of condenser fan section, supply section with face and bypass dampers fans, DX coils, and filters.

Using basRtuMaker, users can attach parts to predetermined locations, and they also have the option to create a combination of graphics at an affordable price.

The basUnitaryMaker is a complete library of parts for variable air volume boxes, fancoil units, fin tube radiation, and exhaust fans.

The basHpMaker helps users build water source heat pumps. The module has vertical and horizontal models, and users can also create their own complex heat pump graphics.

-- BAS Services & Graphics