TheFireBag®by Assured Automation is a passive device that automatically closes the supply of gas in the event of fire, preventing the spread of fire which can lead to gas explosions. The FireBag thermal-activated shut-off device shuts off gas supply when ambient temperatures reach 212°F. The FireBag's fusible alloy melts when the outside temperature reaches 203° to 212°, releasing its plug to completely close the flow of gas.

This passive safety device works day and night, weekends and holidays without any manual intervention. The FireBag does not rely on anyone to find a manual valve or locate a wrench to close the gas supply. The FireBag is installed in the gas piping upstream of the gas appliance, and does not require any manual manipulation once installed.

Active devices such as fire extinguishers have become standard fixtures in U.S. kitchens within the last few decades. And now, for less than the cost of a fire extinguisher, a gas appliance can be equipped with the FireBag passive device, to protect the home even when no one is at home.

The FireBag is installed in the pipes that supply gas to ranges, ovens, wall heaters, boilers, or any gas appliance. When integrated with gas valves, the FireBag can be installed as a manual shut off device as well eliminating the need for a separate on/off valve. Utilities also install integrated FireBag safety devices, including valves, at gas meters inside buildings.

The FireBag has been certified by the following national and international organizations:
  • AGA ANSI Z21.15-CGA 9.1-M97 (certain models)
  • CGA ANSI Z21.15-CGA 9.1-M97 (certain models)
  • DIN 3586 thermo activated safety device for gas applications
  • European UNI EN 1775 Standard for indoor gas installations
  • European Directive 90/396/CEE certification for durability in mechanical or thermal stress
  • German DVGW TRGI 86/96 Standard for thermo activated locking systems on gas heaters, water heaters & domestic gas fittings
  • German Standard Muster-Feuerverordnung (FeuVo v. 02/95 - edition 09/97) for thermo activated devices
  • Italian UNI 7129 Ed 2001 Standard for fire protection and gas supply line components

  • Maximum Pressure: 72.5 PSI (NPT), 232 PSI (Flanged)
  • Temperature Range: -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to + 60°C)
  • Housing and Finishing: Zinc-plated steel
  • FireBag Set-off Temperature: 203-212°F (95-100°C)
  • FireBag Heat Resistance: 1,697°F (925°C) for 60 minutes at 72.5 PSI (NPT)

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