Miura’s LX-300 model boiler features a 300 BHP gas-fired on-demand ultra-low NOx steam generator with a single-pressure-vessel, zero side-clearance design that offers a compact footprint for point-of-use applications with the flexibility to link together multiple modules. This modular design of the Miura LX-300 is well-suited for multiple-installation boiler plants in such larger-scale facilities as hospitals, factories and college/university campus district-energy installations. A multiple-installation of Miura LX-300 boilers can enable such plants to generate steam in close accordance to demand and load profiles, thereby optimizing energy management.

“Miura boilers are famous for their reduced environmental footprint of low NOx/low CO2 emissions,” notes Hiroshi Fukushima, President of Miura North America Inc. “Miura’s exclusive ‘once-through’ fin-tube design requires less fuel because it uses less water, which it turns into steam in five minutes or less, providing very high in-service operational efficiencies. Miura boilers feature a smaller physical footprint as well, and the new LX-300 further advances that benefit with a new zero-side-clearance design that delivers the industry’s largest steam capacity per square foot of boiler-plant footprint.”

The Miura LX-300’s innovative zero-side-clearance design requires less space than traditional fire-tube boilers and can reduce boiler-room size requirements and installation/construction costs. The unique low-volume design of the Miura LX-300 in turn reduces thermal radiation from the boiler during operation. This allows for Miura LX-300 boilers to safely be placed side-by-side without the need for clearance between each unit typical of large-volume conventional boilers. Tested and approved by UL (Underwriters Laboratories, the global resource for product safety certification and compliance solutions), Miura’s zero-side-clearance design is certified to provide enhanced safety and durability in conjunction with superior energy and emissions performance.

Miura’s zero-side-clearance design is the ideal solution for boiler room upgrades that increase steam-generation capacity while conserving physical plant space. Installation of multiple LX-300 boilers enables larger-scale applications to optimize steam plants for superior energy management of site-specific demand requirements and load profile. The on-demand capability of Miura boilers makes them particularly well-suited for multiple-installation configurations in which boilers can be selectively turned on or off as needed, as opposed to idling on stand-by and consuming energy while waiting for next-demand response.

-- Miura