Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating Solutions CITY MULTI® Controls Network (CMCN) family of products. (Mitsubishi Electric) has added three innovative controllers – the TC-24 Touch Screen Centralized Controller, the GB-50ADA Centralized Controller and the BAC-HD150 BACnet Interface – to its Mitsubishi Electric CITY MULTI Controls Network (CMCN) family of products.

“Mitsubishi Electric now offers new controls to cater to the needs of any commercial building, allowing for complete customization of all cooling and heating needs,” says Brent Johnson, senior controls engineer, Mitsubishi Electric. “These additions to the already extensive CMCN family allow for complete climate control for a building of any size.”

The new TC-24 Touch Screen Centralized Controller is perfect for small-footprint, multi-tenant and mixed-use commercial applications that require individual control capabilities. The TC-24 controller includes a modern, high resolution, 5-inch LCD touch screen user-interface design. It allows for independent and batch-mode control for up to 24 Mitsubishi Electric indoor air handlers, LOSSNAY® ERV or split-zoning ductless and ducted units with an M-Net adaptor or DIDO channels. Other innovative features include a selectable setback mode with separate cooling and heating set points, timed override and hold functions, temperature setting and airflow direction control and scheduling (supports daily and weekly schedules).

The GB-50ADA controller is ideal for larger multi-tenant and partitioned-environment commercial applications that require a stand-alone capability for controlling Mitsubishi Electric VRF zoning systems from the convenience of a computer’s web browser. The GB-50ADA features individual control of up to 50 indoor air handlers, which allows for very diverse applications. The controller provides versatility with the ability to schedule daily and annual programming with seasonal switchover and a night-time setback mode. The control also includes connectivity via RJ-45 100BaseTX Local Area Network for computer system integration and monitoring and error-logging functionality for HVAC system maintenance and service.

For large commercial applications requiring a central point for full building monitoring and control, the new BAC-HD150 controller is an excellent option. This control is a convenient BACnet-certified interface in a box that provides up to 50 groups per adapter and supports BACnet/IP Broadcast Management Device Protocol. In addition, the control is BTL listed and can fully integrate a multitude of Mitsubishi Electric VRF zoning systems through the M-NET, as well as work in tandem with the AG-150 and GB-50ADA centralized controllers.

These new additions enhance the already powerful flexibility of CMCN. The CMCN can be expanded to monitor and control other equipment in a building, such as ventilation fans and lights, through the DIDO and the Analog Input (AI) controllers.

-- Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating Solutions