Lochinvar Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency water heaters, boilers and pool heaters based in Lebanon, TN, and TiSUN, a global leader and specialist in solar heating technology with headquarters in Austria, have joined forces to bring new solar thermal systems to the commercial market in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Combining cutting-edge technology and superior quality with an outstanding distribution and service network, this successful collaboration provides mechanical and plumbing design engineers and contractors the opportunity to offer their clients innovative, advanced renewable energy solutions.

The Lochinvar/TiSUN product offering includes solar thermal panels specifically engineered and designed for commercial use, solar thermal storage tanks, pumping stations used to control and move the solar energy throughout the system, as well as a wide array of system accessories.

Solar Thermal Panels

The Lochinvar/TiSUN solar thermal system line includes two options for solar thermal panels. The Commercial Solar Flat Panel Collector (SCH models) is a high-efficiency solar thermal panel featuring PVD coating, a laser-welded absorber and a serpentine heat coil design, which allows for optimum heat transfer in a forced circulation solar system. This versatile, single-piece collector is designed for both on-roof and freestanding installations and is available in sizes ranging from 65 to 130 sq ft, which offers reduced installation costs in commercial applications where multiple panels would traditionally be used.

The other solar thermal panel option available in the Lochinvar/TiSUN line is the Light Duty Commercial Solar Collector. Designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and provide years of service under the sun, the Light Duty Commercial Solar Collectors are easy to install in either a vertical (SLV models) or horizontal (SLH models) position. Like the SCH models, these collectors also feature a serpentine heat transfer system and a laser-welded absorber with PVD coating.

Developed with superior durability in mind, the Lochinvar/TiSUN thermal panels are equipped with an aluminium frame structure with powder coat finish for a long service life. In addition, all models are SRCC-OG100 certified and offered with a 10-yr limited warranty.

Solar Pump Stations

The Lochinvar/TiSUN Commercial Solar Pump Station is an all-in-one solar pumping package, complete with a Differential Solar Control that offers eight different system capabilities and Btu metering. Available in three sizes, the pump station is designed to provide adequate flow through up to 1,000 square feet of collector area. The unit features a variable-speed pump, flowmeter, air separator, flush and fill valves, safety group, and EPP two-piece installation.

The Commercial Solar Pump Station constantly monitors the collector and tank temperature; as the tank temperature cools below setpoint and the difference between the two temperatures reaches a field=adjustable differential-point, the control starts the circulation pump. If the variable-speed pump feature is utilized, the differential control adjusts the speed of the pump to achieve the highest temperature difference between the collector and the tank. This large temperature difference harvests the solar heat in the most efficient manner possible.

When the constant flow feature is used, the pump operates at a steady speed until the tank reaches its desired temperature or there is no longer a sufficient difference between the collector and the tank temperature to heat the tank.

The Commercial Solar Pump Station is offered with a two-year limited warranty.

Solar Thermal System Accessories

The Lochinvar/TiSUN line also includes an extensive offering of solar thermal system accessories. From control valves to automatic air vents and flush and fill pumps, these accessories and many more are designed for use with any commercial solar application.

“This partnership between Lochinvar and TiSUN is a natural fit, and we feel confident and well-prepared as we enter the expanding North American solar thermal market with this new-found synergy,” stated Bill Vallett, president of Lochinvar Corporation. “By harnessing TiSUN’s two decades of experience in the solar market and combining that expertise with Lochinvar’s position as a leading innovator within the heating industry, this advanced line is being brought to market by two manufacturers known throughout the world for superior quality, energy-efficient products.”