Honeywell's Reveal touchscreen display is expected to make monitoring and controlling facilities even easier and more efficient.

Reveal, which measures just 6” by 3.5”, interfaces seamlessly with the entire WEBs-AX™ product family. Key features include:

• Up to 150 configurable display screens and the ability to reference up to 150 points from one or multiple controllers networked on any data bus in the system.
• Enables users to quickly monitor and control their site’s comfort levels, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and security.
• Configurable permission levels that limit access to system functions based on end user’s role.
• High-definition, full-color display ideal for use in offices and other locations frequented by department managers and facility maintenance personnel. A grayscale display is available for use in HVAC rooftop units, walk-in cold rooms and similar locations.
• Up to three data points for continuous display, giving users the ability to monitor live data, such as inside temperature, outside temperature and humidity levels.

Installers and technicians can use Reveal touchscreen to:

• View system statistics, read and override system setpoints, view alarms, view point descriptions, view alarm troubleshooting notes and any other user specified data.
• Access general device management features and information, including hardware and firmware revision levels, perform touchscreen calibration, and perform flash upgrades of device firmware.

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