Continental Fan has introduced TEK Plenum Fans, featuring TEK backward curved airfoil wheels, HVAC’s quietest and most efficient OEM impellers. TEK Impellers combine precision injection molding techniques with modern high strength plastics to produce a wheel that is stronger than steel, yet half its weight.

TEK Plenum Fans slide into field erected or factory built air handling units or plenums. They are designed to pressurize the plenum in which they operate, and are suited for supply or return air applications. This design saves space by eliminating traditional scroll housings, transitions, and diffusers normally found within a plenum.


•    Easy-to-install
•    Modular construction, compact design
•    Quiet, highly efficient performance
•    Injection molded GRP polyamide TEK wheel
o    Backward curved airfoil (BCA) design
o    Non-overloading power characteristics
•    TEFC industry duty motors
•    Suitable for supply or return applications