The original Accustat® was designed to provide a control with an exact temperature setting that cannot be adjusted, and a built-in tamper-proof locking cover that would both conceal and protect the temperature setpoints. Like its predecessor, the Independence is designed to provide this accuracy and security.

A common solution used today to secure a thermostat from people constantly changing the temperature is to install a locking box cover over the existing thermostat. Although the locking cover acts as a deterrent, another challenge arises from using this method: When a thermostat is covered, it now senses the environment within the cover, not the room. This makes it very difficult to accurately control room temperature and increases complaints and can increase energy consumption and costs.

The new Independence will immediately be welcomed in all 18 states that have banned mercury-bearing thermostats, and all those being proactive in the remaining states that have pending legislation on mercury-bearing thermostats.