Munters DryCool™ HD dehumidification system uses a revolutionary combination of desiccants and non-ozone depleting refrigerants to deliver cool, dry air for light commercial applications, improving comfort without increasing air conditioning loads.

Unlike typical dehumidifiers, the DryCool™ HD does not use heat to dry the air which increases the need for air conditioning. Instead, the DryCool™ HD uses a desiccant dehumidification wheel and environmentally friendly refrigeration (R-410a) to remove heat and moisture from incoming air. This process uses 40% less energy than competing technologies.

The DryCool™ HD not only improves indoor comfort, it helps prevent IAQ problems associated with moisture, such as mold, mildew, biological allergens, and odors. Because it uses non-ozone depleting R-410a refrigerant it is a more environmentally responsible choice than most other dehumidifiers which use R-22 refrigeration, considered by many experts to be harmful to the ozone.