Superior Boiler Works, Inc. has announced that it is offering a full line of Blowdown Separators to further complement its other boiler room-related product offerings. The products being offered in this line include eight standard sizes applicable to all boiler sizes 30 through 2200 horsepower, and up to 250 psig operating pressure. The company also will custom-engineer and design a separator system to any customer’s specific needs if a special design is needed.

The company describes its SBW Blowdown Separator’s primary characteristics as its durable industrial design, generous material thickness for long life, and flanged connections for leak-free connections.

“These separators will help our customers who need a competitively priced product, compact design, and quick delivery,” said Jim Knauss, Superior’s engineering manager. “The ultimate result, when used with SBW’s other products, will be a lower-maintenance boiler room, substantially reduced operating costs, and reduced consumption of precious natural gas and electrical power resources.”