Casella USA, the North American subsidiary of worldwide measurement leader Casella CEL, has upgraded its popular Microdust™ Pro real-time dust monitor with an optional new environmental enclosure kit that more than doubles its running time.

Called the Dust Detective, the new kit allows a Microdust Pro to be used in extended measurement situations where particulate concentrations must be monitored for more than the typical 8-hour working day. It features a Casella Apex Lite sampling pump to empower the Microdust Pro to run up to 19 hours continuously in the field.

Designed to be ideal for site surveys, the Dust Detective solution is quick to assemble, easily deployed, and provides both gravimetric and real time dust data for accurate safety evaluation and reporting purposes.

Existing Microdust Pro owners can purchase the Dust Detective separately to upgrade their units. The Dust Detective is also available as a complete kit with Microdust Pro, Apex Lite pump and carrying case.

The Microdust Pro is a portable, hand-held monitor that assesses concentrations of suspended matter in a sensitivity range of 1µgm -3 to 2500 mgm -3, making it one of the most versatile monitors on the market. In addition, the company says it is the first such instrument capable of graphically presenting variations in dust concentration on a real-time scrolling graph directly on the LCD screen, eliminating the need to analyze results on a PC.

Suitable for industrial hygiene, indoor air quality, and workplace exposure investigations, the Microdust Pro monitors airborne microscopic particles, such as dust, dirt, soot, mold spores, smoke or liquid droplets, using near-forward light scattering technology. A narrow scatter range of only 12° to 20° minimizes uncertainty caused by particle color, shape and refractive index, further enhancing its accuracy.