REHAU ECOAIR pipes have been specially engineered to meet the requirements of a ground-air heat exchange system. They deliver security against ground-water infiltration, inhibit microbial growth, provide good thermal conductivity with the ground, and have sufficient strength to prevent sagging or crushing when buried. Components and fittings provide flexibility in designing REHAU ECOAIR ground-air heat exchange systems for a variety of project sizes from single-family homes to light commercial applications.

Other points:

- Solid-walled PVC pipe provides good ground-air heat transfer and sufficient rigidity to assure effective condensation discharge.
- Agion® Antimicrobial-protected inner pipe surface inhibits microbial growth.
- Joints are secured by locked-in gaskets, keeping liquids and gases in the soil from contaminating the system.
- Wide range of fittings give engineers flexibility in designing the system to meet site-specific parameters.
- Wall entry adapters seal the wall penetration joint while protecting the pipe and the building structure from damage due to natural movements.