Beckettis excited to announce the launch and availability of the AquaSmart boiler temperature control. The AquaSmart is designed for use on residential and light commercial boiler systems and is featured in both 120VAC oil and 24VAC gas versions. The AquaSmart was designed to meet the Department of Energy’s (2012) regulation and NRCan’s (2010) law mandating an “automatic means for adjusting water temperature” be installed on all boilers.

The release of the GeniSys burner control in 2007 was Beckett’s first solo step into the control market. The GeniSys™ is proving itself successful as a high quality, simple to use, and technologically advanced control. Beckett also introduced the HeatManager as a fuel-economizing device for boiler heating systems and domestic hot water systems. Its dynamic temperature reset technology provides 10-20% fuel consumption savings. Beckett has leveraged the success of these two products, the advanced design of the GeniSys and the energy saving technology of the HeatManager into the AquaSmart boiler control.

Every year, millions of dollars worth of fuel is wasted by heating systems that often run at a higher output level than needed. The AquaSmart solves this problem by automatically adjusting burner firing patterns and average boiler water temperature to accurately match system heat loads as energy requirements change. The process is similar to the outdoor reset method, but does not require any additional sensors. The AquaSmart works to reduce fuel consumption, burner maintenance, and flue emissions, while extending system life. It provides worry-free, fail-safe operation at all times and is backed by Beckett’s no hassle 5-year warranty.

The AquaSmart control includes a backlit LCD digital display with a touch pad to easily program such energy saving features as dynamic temperature reset, temperature limits, and differentials. Other advanced features include: a built in power disconnect switch, priority override for domestic hot water, and a circulator pump on-delay and off-delay. The AquaSmart also stores system history to assist with diagnostics and troubleshooting and mounts easily onto most existing appliances.

The future of the HVAC industry will be defined by companies who develop products that are both technologically advanced and simple to use. Beckett is excited to provide the support and quality you expect from their line of controls, while saving customers 10% to 20% on their heating bill. With its troubleshooting and programmability features, and compliance with the 2012 DOE standard, the AquaSmart is a superior control at a competitive price, and is available from wholesalers now.