AERCO International has introduced a newly designed Benchmark 2.0 Low NOx (BMK2.0LN). The two-million BTU/hour condensing boiler has been re-engineered to deliver a smaller footprint and reduced electrical consumption while maintaining what the company says is unmatched 20:1 turndown to maximize seasonal fuel savings.

The new design is meant to allow consulting engineers and contractors to employ the environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency boiler in a wider variety of hydronic heating applications than was previously possible due. 

Measuring just 79”H x 28”W x 36”D, the re-designed BMK2.0LN boiler occupies a mere seven square feet of floor space. Other benefits include reduced heat exchanger size without sacrificing thermal efficiency, and requiring only 120V of electrical power and 4” gas pressure to operate. The new design employs the same pre-mix air/fuel delivery system – including a variable speed blower – that is featured in other models in the Benchmark family of boilers.