VX Corporation, announces the release of VX Innovator, which was designed to put high-end CAD/CAM within reach from a cost, learning, and scalability standpoint. Innovator is value-priced, comes pre-loaded with built-in tutorials and can be upgraded to any level of CAD/CAM including full mold and die, design and manufacturing.

Features include:
  • VX Innovator is a true hybrid modeler using modeling tools which work seamlessly with surface and solid geometry. No Solid Required.
  • The product can import and work with poor geometry. Healing and surface editing tools are available to work with non-solid geometry.
  • VX Innovator allows you to add style to your models with complex sweeps, lofts and domes.
  • VX Innovator includes an entire suite of detailing and layout tools, important for communicating design concepts for manufacturing and quoting.
  • VX Innovator provides the most popular assembly tools for top-down and bottom-up design allowing users to ensure assembly part fit and range of motion.
  • Your engineering and training investment is protected since Innovator can scale to any of the other VX product bundles.
--VX Corporation